Dj kuntz not responsible

I love music but I’m not a DJ. But people went crazy on social media, trolling and making fun of it. But what do you do? You go for an event and if you’re the actor, you are going to play your music. You are not going to play some other actor’s songs. In fact, I wasn’t playing my songs, the DJ was. I was the star there and everybody was there to see Bobby Deol.

The AngioJet Rheolytic Thrombectomy System (Possis Medical, Minneapolis, MN) consists of a single-use catheter, single-use pump set, and multi-use drive unit.  The same drive unit and pump set are compatible with various catheters with different design features.  Thrombectomy is accomplished with the introduction of a pressurized saline jet stream through the directed orifices in the catheter distal tip.  The jets generate a localized low pressure zone via the Bernoulli effect, which entrains and macerates thrombus.  The saline and clot particles are then sucked back into the exhaust lumen of the catheter and out of the body for disposal.  Treatment with the device takes about one minute.